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She lives in Connecticut where she is a partner in the educational seminar and consulting firm, Empowering Writers, LLC. Visit Barbara's website. She is currently an adjunct instructor of computer science at Elgin Community College. The college has provided Lynne with the opportunity to travel to exotic places. Often inspired by the outdoors, she will be returning to the jungle in June for her third visit. Now that her children are grown, Lynne is finally pursuing her dream of writing educational children's books.

For more information, visit her website. John McGranaghan Saturn for My Birthday , Meet the Planets has always been fascinated by outer space and he shares that fascination in a humorous but educational way through Meet the Planets and Saturn for My Birthday.

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He is winner of the Pockets Fiction Contest. When John isn't writing, he enjoys sports and spending time with his wife and two boys.

About the author and illustrator…

John is a school counselor in the Philadelphia suburbs. Visit his website. A fine artist as well, Connie is married with one grown son and lives in northern California. Visit her website at ConnieMcLennan. Susan K. Mitchell The Rainforest Grew All Around and Kersplatypus is a children's author with many hats in her collection: author, mom, wife, pre-school teacher, and Spanish teacher.

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Susan loves creating a silly world of words for kids. The idea of Kersplatypus quite literally came from a word she made up when her youngest daughter fell down one day. Surrounded by kids all day, every day, she has no shortage of story ideas. She has also written more than fourteen non-fiction chapter books for older readers on topics ranging from entertainment to architecture to animals. Susan, her husband, and two wonderful daughters live outside of Houston with their dog and two crazy cats. Visit Susan's website. A Butterfly Called Hope is her second children's photographic book and is the result of her monarch-raising research for The Butterfly's Daughter.

Mary Alice is currently working on a trilogy of novels about dolphins. Look for a third children's book to accompany that series. Visit Mary Alice's Website. Doris L.

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Mueller The Best Nest was a teacher and professor at every level from kindergarten through graduate school. Jeff Thompson: Missouri's Swamp Fox. Doris recalled that whenever she failed to listen to instructions, her mother would tell her an Old English Tale of how, when the magpie tried to teach the birds how to build a beautiful, strong nest like hers, all but one failed to attend to her instructions and went off to build inadequate nests. She retold the story, substituting birds native to the US, and added factual information telling how various birds build their nests for The Best Nest.

Doris lived with her husband on a small lake outside of St. Louis and had many bird visitors at their bird feeders-woodpeckers, humming birds, nuthatches, and goldfinches, among others. Lucy Nolan spent many childhood days roaming two very special islands: Pawleys Island, SC, and Amelia Island, FL, where she collected the family stories that were shared around the dinner tables of hundred-year-old homes. It was only natural that she would eventually combine her love of the sea and storytelling into Mother Osprey: Nursery Rhymes for Buoys and Gulls Arbordale, Fall This playful book retells Mother Goose rhymes and embodies everything Lucy loves about America's coastlines!

Lucy has been writing since she was four years old and is the author of several picture books and the popular Down Girl and Sit chapter books. Lucy lives in Columbia, SC, with her daughter and two rambunctious dogs. For more info, visit her website. A former medical producer for CNN Headline News, Sherry has written and produced a number of award-winning medical documentaries for public television, and she currently contributes to WebMD.

Her writing has also appeared in Highlights magazine, and she was a runner-up in the Magazine Merit Awards. Sherry has presented at many preschools, elementary schools, and libraries. She was also a featured speaker at the Miami Book Fair International. She lives in South Florida with her husband, son, daughter, dog, and cat.

Sherry is also a featured blogger for the Miami Herald's parenting site. Darcy Pattison is published in eight languages. As a writing teacher, Darcy is in demand nationwide to teach her Novel Revision Retreat. For more information about Darcy, visit her website. Carrie A.

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Carrie and her family live in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Phyllis J. Perry Pandas' Earthquake Escape is the author of more than 70 books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for children and adults. Phyllis worked with the Boulder, Colorado, Valley Schools as a teacher, principal, curriculum specialist, and director of talented and gifted education before taking early retirement to write full time.

She is active in a number of writing-related organizations.

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They have two daughters and four grandchildren. For more information about Phyllis, visit her website. Terry Pierce Blackberry Banquet is the author of sixteen children's books, including picture books, easy readers, joke books, and nonfiction. Terry now writes full-time, teaches children's writing workshops and is a visiting author at elementary schools.

Terry was inspired to write Blackberry Banquet by her son now grown and their berry-picking family vacations in Oregon. Even though he hated bees which frequented the blackberry bushes , he knew the lessons of The Little Red Hen and would help her to pick berries anyway. Terry lives in the high desert of California with her husband of thirty years, one goldfish, and a brown bobtailed cat.

Best children's books about Victorians

Visit Terry's website. Ellen Prager, a well-respected marine scientist, consultant, and author, is widely recognized for her expertise and ability to bring science to the layperson. For more information, go to her website at Earth2Ocean. Doreen is an elementary school teacher and former elementary school librarian. This is Doreen's first book.

Both sisters have a passion for children's books and believe that reading to children is the best way to instill imagination and a love for learning. The annual family beach reunion and a Discovery Channel program about octopuses sparked the beginnings of "Octavia. The 's brought extensive media experience promoting her cookbooks, with appearances on such nationally respected programs as The Today Show, The Club, Attitudes with Linda Dano, QVC, and a host of other radio and television programs.

Donna is a volunteer at the South Carolina Aquarium, where she has developed a keen interest in their sea turtle rescue program. It was there that she met Barbara Bergwerf, the photographer for Carolina's Story. Two of life's inspirations led to the writing of Carolina's Story : one day, several years ago, the dock master at the marina called to ask Donna to safeguard an injured sea turtle that stranded nearby. As she and her daughter waited for the rescue team to arrive, she began to think about the importance of helping endangered turtles thrive in their natural environment.