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You could have done that at the start, you know, Cap! Wisdom of Solomon indeed! Turns out that he was able to control the executioner and replace his body with that of a double. While Marvel is gaping at this new knowledge, Mind slips away—but not before indicating that he has business to attend to in Detroit next. But this never happened—this was the final appearance of Minute Man in a DC book for decades. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Hamilton Chart of the Week | Oldies Without Borders

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Queen - Greatest Hits (1) [1 hour long]

Back cover Captain Marvel illustration by Jack Kirby. The 11th issue of the Flashback reprint series presents Plastic Man 1 originally published in by Vital Publications. Four Plastic Man stories.

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Cover art by Vincent Sullivan and Fred Guardineer head shots. Fairs illustration by Sheldon Moldoff. Bronson and Mr. Untitled story, script by Gardner F. Evarts and spies. Fox, art by Fred Guardineer; Zatara vs. Hu Song. Play Square with Captain Marvel activity page. Morris sends Billy out to discover the truth behind the strange murder of a poor sailor, and Billy finds himself shanghaied aboard the pirate ship "Sea Witch," heading for an isolated island where the Captain of the ship seeks the sunken treasure of Tamungu just off shore. Cover art by Alex Schomburg. The Claw and Herr Hundt.

This Month in the Golden Age of Comic Books

Nimitz, art by Larry Antonette. Ogor; Satan appears. First appearance and origin of the Hangman. Cover art by Irv Novick. Shield G-Man Club ad. Blinker and his gang. Pep Comics ad. Roger Kimberley. Cover art by Mac Raboy. Retold," art by Al Carreno; While they are fishing, Freddy's grandfather rescues the nefarious Captain Nazi, who promptly kills the grandfather and severely injures Freddy Freeman; Captain Marvel rescues the young boy and takes him to see Shazam, who gives some of the Mighty Mortal's powers to the boy, who then becomes Captain Marvel Junior.

Captain Marvel Picture Puzzle ad. Marvel Jr. Captain Marvel Club ad.

About Bill Jourdain

Black Dragon Society. King Leon. The Atlanteans fight back in "Trojan" whales and sharks that circle the Nazi subs without being noticed until their guns open up; The Nazi fleet is destroyed when Namor's people man gun emplacements on top of icebergs and rain down fiery death. Namor is captured by the lead sub, but Namor destroys the sub with his bare hands. Captain America Comics ad.

The Nazis. His Boyhood" text story by Ray Gill. Ricardo Amegos and zombies. Cover art by Jack Burnley. Untitled story, script by Jerry Siegel, art by Jack Burnley as Joe Shuster ; Lois and Clark are given an assignment to get the feminine slant of the new World's Fair, and overhear a plot by an international jewel thief to steal the Madras Emerald before it can be displayed at the Fair in the House of Jewels. Untitled story, script by Jerry Siegel, art by Harry Lampert; Red, Whitey and Blooey investigate tainted beef that is being provided to the Army by contract.

Untitled story, script by Jerry Siegel, art by Howard Sherman; A chance sighting of a mysterious yacht, while on the parachute jump, leads Slam and Shorty to help rescue the Princess of Robaria, who is in America to sign papers allowing her nation to sell the Robarian crown jewels. Fox, art by Joseph Sulman; Zatara faces the challenge of rounding up a pair of pick pockets at the Fair, who use a fake murder to draw attention away from their activities. Fair Facts article, art by Raymond Perry. Untitled Johnny Thunderbolt story, script by John B. Wentworth, art by Stan Aschmeier. Origin and first appearance of Toro. One-page text feature of how Burgos created the Human Torch. One-page text feature of how Everett created the Sub-Mariner. Fox, art by Sheldon Moldoff; As Hawkman is flying over the Welsh Mountains in search of adventure, he hears the cry of a young woman who says that she is trying to escape from zombies; Apparently, her uncle discovered a Haitian secret of how to make zombies work for him in mines that were left to the young lady by her deceased father; Hawkman decides then and there to put an end to this injustice.

Fox, art by Chad Grothkopf; As Wes visits a jewelry store to buy a watch, a hold-up man enters intending to rob the place; Wes gives chase and passes the man who is now wearing a completely different suit! Intrigued, Wes follows the man home, but returns later as the Sandman to investigate, and discovers a safe loaded with jewels. Blummer, art by Jon L. Blummer; It is the year and war has broken out between two European nations: Toutonia and Balkania. As High Moderator of the United States, it is the job of Gary Concord, Ultra-Man, to restore the peace, and get people back to work, especially in the hard-hit uranium mines.

Hibbard; Racing along the street, the Flash notices a Policeman standing before a residential house, and asks what is wrong and he tells the Fastest Man Alive that the open window of the widow lady who lives there is very suspicious, especially because she never goes anywhere and because she won't answer the locked door.

Agent X. John Blair. Four untitled Spy Smasher stories. This is Issue 25 of the Flashback reprint series published by DynaPubs. The twenty-seventh issue of the Flashback reprint series presents Silver Streak Comics 7 originally published in by Your Guide Publications. Cover art by Jack Cole. Untitled story, script by Don Rico as Captain Cook , art by Jack Binder; After stopping Joe Ripper's escape, after he had murdered a bank guard and stolen the bank's money, Daredevil finds a clue on his body and begins to hunt down the Ricco Gang that Ripper was a part of.

This item is not in stock. If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available. Classic Hitler cover. Lou Fine cover. The thirty-third issue of the Flashback reprint series presents Plastic Man 2 originally published in by Vital Publications. Four untitled Ibis stories.

Sir Butch back-up story. Cover art by Sheldon Moldoff. Hibbard; In order to keep a circus from going under financially, the Flash becomes the star attraction. Wentworth, art by Stan Aschmeier; Johnny Thunder gets a job as a fireman. Wentworth, art by Homer Fleming; The assistant tax collector kidnaps a little boy to keep his grandmother from testifying against him. Fox, art by Sheldon Moldoff; The Hawkman must somehow contend with the horrible invention of a bodiless killer hand that is being used to steal and kill in order that a man become sole heir to a valuable estate.

All-Star Comics 4 ad. Herr Luger.