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  1. Texas Tower shooting of 1966
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Texas Tower shooting of 1966

So she went to the bank, and after rounds of phone calls Ellis found out she had been declared dead by the Social Security Administration. The Office of the Inspector General said in the SSA sees fewer than 1, cases of mistaken death declarations a month. The OIG also said mistaken deaths can lead to mistaken benefit terminations and "cause severe financial hardship and distress" for people like Ellis.

Deadend Redd Shares Crazy Stories Growing Up In “Dead End” South Park Houston, Tx

She told CNN Saturday a social security check, her Medicare and secondary insurance were put on hold. After getting the news of her death, Ellis traveled an hour out of her way to the nearest SSA office to rectify the problem. It became a slow process.

She was given a letter that basically said she was alive, but her doctor and pharmacist weren't able to take it because she was still classified as deceased in their systems. We don't have a lot of money, we depend on our paychecks.

Growing Up Dead in Texas - Stephen Graham Jones - Google книги

Rather than a navel-gazing exercise, Growing Up Dead in Texas is a riveting exploration of a fire that broke a cotton community in half. Greenwood is an unincorporated cotton town about a dozen miles outside Midland. Instead, it smolders.

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  5. Growing up Dead in Texas.

Over the next two months, men are brutally beaten, a shot is fired into a school bus, and several people are dead. Years later, Greenwood native and successful writer Stephen Graham Jones returns to get at the real truth of what happened that winter. Who started the fire?

Who fired the shot into the school bus? What secrets are the Kings hiding?

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Changing names and dates to protect the townspeople — and himself — Jones attacks the story like a journalist, interviewing sources and revisiting crime scenes. What does matter are the deeper truths Jones unearths.

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