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The Mamma e Bambini website also offer these color designs of La Befana.

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But what's the fun if they are already colored in? I've put them here anyway. Click on the image to go to the big image you can print out on a color printer, or copy for your webpage. The story behind La Befana is a beautiful one. But before I tell it to you, let me first say, in case you don't know, that La Befana is the witch who visits all the little boys and girls in Italy the evening before Epiphany, January 6th.

She leaves in their shoes or stockings either lumps of coal, if they've been bad children, or candies, if they've been good children. La Befana marionettes at an outdoor market click on image to see the full image at Flickr. There was an old, pre-Christian fable about an old woman who brought presents to children in Winter. In fact, the fable still exits throughout much of Eastern Europe. When Italy adopted the Christian faith , the old Befana was incorporated into the new faith. The story goes like this:. An elderly woman was asked directions to the newborn baby Jesus by the three wise men who had lost their way.

She couldn't help them because she was too busy sweeping out her house. She even turned down an invitation to join them bringing gifts to the newborn Christ-child. The elderly woman, or Befana, came to regret her decision, and ever after roamed the world bringing gifts to children in the hopes of finding the Christ-child, or perhaps just to atone for her poor judgment. La Befana marionette click on the image to see the full image at Flickr. There are even special Italian nursery rhymes filastrocche for La Befana.

Here is the second one is by Contessa Lara, in Italian. Children are supposed to recite it before going to bed so La Befana will stop by. They are warned that if they do not go to bed without a tantrum, La Befana will pass the house by. E alle bambine per far dispetto che, cattivelle, non vanno a letto ed ai bambini, che non son buoni , getta carboni. E leva fuori dal suo fardello quanto ha di buono , quanto ha. PMT is able to incorporate themes from the partnering organization or school and has woven themes of holidays, the USA and traveling the world.

By turns, Arterberry fills the stage with a collection of intriguing characters. Roboman discovers the limits — and extraordinary reaches — of his own body. The diminutive dance star, Mr. Bigg, performs to a dizzying medley of musical styles from rap to Russian folklore. Students participate both onstage in their seats, learning about physical theatre, gesture and body language.

This activity involves the entire class. One of the things they do is mine gold. They think the gold is beautiful, but place no value on it. The unique quality of Troll World is that it is a world of non-violence so there is no need for weapons, police or armed forces. There are also wizards and magical trolls or we use suggestions from the students. A mayor troll is chosen with advice from the teacher. Students are given fabric to create a costume, prop or set piece.

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The mayor informs his community that the humans are coming and plan to take their gold and enslave them. The student trolls must resolve this conflict in a non-violent way. Prior to starting this activity, parameters and guidelines are given to the students.

La Befana - (the story of the Italian Christmas witch)

ACT created this activity over twenty years ago and it has been enacted over a hundred times in theatres, after-school programs and in classrooms for youth aged 7 — It is the most popular and most requested ACTivity. It needs a space large enough to accommodate the Troll Community. Viewing History Through the Arts This residency uses analysis of music, visual arts, dance, literature and fashion in a given time period in history to guide students to a deeper understanding of that time period.

Where possible, we will collaborate with local arts organizations to link student classroom learning with live performances and existing field trips. Activities are linked to North Carolina Essential Standards, are designed to be academically rigorous, and include assessments to monitor student learning. The residency culminates in a group project that students can share through digital media.

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Activities involving voice, movement, concentration, ensemblizing, character creation and improvisation are used as well as historical research, reading, writing and problem solving. Students will write and perform poems and monologues using the biography of a child from the Holocaust for their classmates. Five day residencies will culminate with a presentation for the school provided school has a sound system for the presentation. Students immerse themselves into the lives of children in history through exposure to relevant historical information, stories, visuals and then use their experiences to write short monologues, dialogues, poems or scenes to perform for their classmates.

Five day residencies culminate with a presentation for the school provided the school has a sound system. What Happens Next? In front of a minimal set, a professional actor delivers monologues and spoken-word poetry at an upbeat pace.

Explore the most popular instagram posts tagged #puppets on Instagram

The play introduces conflict and poor decision making and poses the question: what would you do if you were in a similar situation? The students will enter the world of 5 young protagonist who are facing potentially harmful situations. The situations are current and relatable, reflecting negative behaviors seen on a daily basis. The scenes are specifically created to showcase harmful behaviors that potentially lead to negative choices. The estimated run time for the performance is 35 minutes. The run time can be modified to accommodate individual school needs and schedule.

What Happens Next can be tailored to address specific behaviors that are detrimental to the individual learning environment. Audience Processing Immediately concluding the performance, students will have the opportunity to participate in a active symposium that processes the shows content and effectiveness in relations to their own lives and community.

The Audience Processing is interactive and fun. The student audience will be encouraged to share their opinions and be instructed to brainstorm positive solutions that lead to productive results.

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Audience Processing is estimated to run 35 minutes. It can be modified to accommodate the school needs and schedule. The box has some water damage but remains solid. The Santa is on two of the upper corners and when one lifts off the lid, there are two more Santas on the upper corners The rarely found instructions for the pantomime and show tickets are included. Some wear to top box. Turning knobs have been replaced. Mother Goose nursery rhyme themed.

When ball hits the knobs, the figures pop -up from the houses. There is some paper loss. This Victorian sewing kit has a wonderful cover showing a Santa in blue cutting down a Christmas tree watched by two children in the snow. When lid is opened, all sewing items as thread etc. There is a mirror on the inside lid. A rare Victorian artifact. Late 19th to early 20th century. Beautiful leather saddle. Very detailed painted runners. Some cracking to the legs, missing a glass eye and one rear horseshoe. The sled has a painting of a country scene. On the front is iron scroll work with a star in the middle and flag holders on the top of each runner.

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A very desirable piece. Paper and fabric over a wood structure. Decorated on the front with diecuts of Santa and children. The theater was hand made in England. Bisque head Santa that makes a noise when one pushs on his stomach. Good condition. German stable is in near mint condition.

Of the three horses on wheels, one has damage to the ears.